Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taking the Conn and Nicking the Con...Financial landscape changes before overhaul is complete

Financial landscape changes before overhaul is complete. SEC Anti-Flash Crash Rules in Place any day.

As shared on LinkedIn today, Compliance/Legal/Audit types may very well like a fresh, yet historical take on "the Con" - in the post-bubble. Madoff, Stamford era.

The book "Taking the Conn and Nicking the Con" by John Hauss is so well-written with personal and historical anecdotes - of Cold War Military missions and FBI cases, including many well-known. With interest in these matters you will find a very enjoyable read with a witty perspective.

About the Author of "Taking the Conn and Nicking the Con":
John (Jack) Hauss is a graduate of Villanova and Fordham Law School. Serving three years aboard the amphibious attack transport ships Chilton and Navarro, he filled such billets as Information Center Officer, Legal Officer, Personnel Officer, Division Officer, and Boat Officer. As an FBI agent, assignments took him overseas and to locations in Georgia, South Carolina, California, Washington State, New York, and New Jersey. Retired, he resides in New Jersey with his wife and together they enjoy spending time with their six children and 12 grandchildren.

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