Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Investment Management Compliance Openings prior to final version of financial-revamp bill

While Lawmakers have yet to tackle the most controversial, divisive issues of the financial-revamp bill, we are seeing some large Investment Management entities including Hedge Funds begin to interview for new Compliance and Legal requisitions.

Of current opportunities, one not posted on any website requires 10+ years in Investment Management Compliance. This is located in Stamford, CT. The Company is a well-known, leading Hedge Fund Group. The role will be handling regulatory examinations, annual compliance review, annual testing review, registrations. Base potential all-in $250K+.

Lawmakers drafting the final version have resolved some difficult issues, including increasing scrutiny of Federal Reserve decisions. Democrats said they want to conclude this week and send the final bill to the president by July 4. That leaves only a few days to resolve issues, such as the "Volcker rule" and a measure that would force banks to spin off derivatives operations. Read more in The Washington Post "Volcker Rule," named after former Fed chairman and presidential adviser Paul Volcker, would ban banks from proprietary trading - trading with their own money.

For a candidate closer to entry level with an Investment Bank, Surveillance Analyst job description can be viewed at the Rosenthal Recruiting job board. Other openings include Director of Audit for a Commercial Bank, Fixed Income - Mortgage Trading Compliance Officer, Chief Compliance Officer in Florida and Capital Markets Compliance.

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