Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Would or did you read an email, Tweet or article with this subject "Govt floats ad for new Sebi chief*."
We did.

Rosenthal Recruiting  - receives many emails noting continued interest in career opportunities** – i.e. new positions primarily in the U.S. though also from those seeking a job in some other locations - that we're glad to read. We have set up interviews for clients located in India, and US clients in Singapore, Hong Kong offices.

If you sign up, we can send you occasional email - - if you act soon we will send a newsletter "Report" about a Washington, DC Compliance Officer position ASAP. We have sent it to a small number of people vs.​ entire Rosenthal Recruiting list recently​. Of course if you have not seen it may sign up to receive the Rosenthal Recruiting 'newsletter' to learn about Events as well as Recruiting opportunities.

We all get so much email and this week - we've seen and observed some real news as well as the Dog Day photos yesterday. This past week we saw some Trump, Bank, Stock Index and Bernie Sanders on screen that we liked or just read. It is best to speak and looking forward to doing so again or for the very first time soon.

If you request – we will send the Preview of our next “newsletter” that will be chock full of social media links perhaps.
*Excerpt about SEBI from Mumbai:
The selection process for the new chief of market regulator. The finance ministry has put out an advertisement on its website inviting applications for the post.
The government has also allowed individuals from the private sector to apply for the post. Recently, the government has appointed two officials from the private sector in the public sector banks. The candidates have to apply for the post by October this year.
This was reported via John Lothian via a Tweet link to Full article link. We did have the article 'pinned'.
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