Monday, July 6, 2009

Be Ready For Your Close-Up and mindful of your Internet Footprints

You should always be ready for your close-up, that could be an Interview or Networking opportunity: have your resume polished when planning or considering a new position and if employed or not check out and be mindful of your Internet "Footprints." To learn more read this article about a job candidate who blogged and tweeted herself out of a job interview.

Hiring managers access Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through friends of friends. One is quoted "In the business of networking, people know people. You have to decide what you want your social media face to be. It's like talking in an elevator. You don't know who's listening." In an instance of reverse networking, one job applicant who became virtual friends with as many current employees as possible, thinking that would give him an in when interviewing. It had the opposite impact. Continue reading "Internet footprints follow you into real world"

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