Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Accused Goldman Code Swindler: Thief or Whistleblower?

Coverage of Sergey Aleynikov, arrested July 3 on charges of stealing proprietary trading code from Goldman Sachs as reported by Baristanet: Before you get yourself involved in a major espionage, it's a good idea to first get rid of embarrassing videos on YouTube.
Reuters has been on the Soprano-Sergey connection. Over the weekend, a Reuters reporter went to North Caldwell to take a look at Aleynikov's house. Aleynikov is being hailed by some not as a thief but as a whistleblower. On Facebook, there is now a Sergey Aleynikov Fan Club, thanking Aleynikov for giving "us all a priceless insight into the the dark side world of the mega market makers in the world of finance."

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