Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cox Pushes Change/SEC Exit Nears, New Citi CCO

SEC proposals, foreign trading restrictions and on credit ratings, in waning months of Bush administration. WSJ (reg req'd for full art.) Fed Steps Bolster Banks-Easier for private-equity to invest

Citigroup said Cindy Armine is its new CCO.
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Fed took unprecedented step of barring it from “significant acquistions.” Citi’s image tarnished from Enron, WorldCom and conflicted research. Bond traders upset European regulators. Weak AML practices nearly got it booted from Japan. Bolstering compliance staff led to management bloat. Armine must find balance between policies and profit, also must work closely with legal and regulators, who stepped up scrutiny of risk after more than $40 billion in write-offs. Marisa Lago, who led compliance i-bank and alternative investments, left “to pursue other interests.”

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