Monday, June 23, 2008

Fed, SEC Deal to Redraw Regulation; Citi and Goldman Brace for Layoffs

FED-SEC information to be shared include data regarding settlements, trade and positions. Links to Reuters via NYT and WSJ(Subscription Needed)

Agreement could be announced this week, aim is to fill gaps and increase cooperation in wake of Bear. SEC will get information from Fed on bank short-term financing. Fed would be able to see investment bank trading positions, leverage and capital requirements. SEC chief under fire as Fed seeks bigger Wall St role WSJ link via Daily Herald

Hundreds of Citi investment bankers and traders, including many senior, expected to begin losing jobs as bank completes 2,000 layoffs announced in March.

Even Goldman acknowledging reality:Last wk began cutting bankers,expected to cut up to 10% of M&A and corporate fundraising staff. Banks swinging axe with harder force, total announced dismissals over 83,000 and more expected. It is unclear where the bottom of this market will be. History of Wall St Layoffs

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