Monday, January 4, 2010

Employment Search Review for You and a Financial Star

THE beginning of the year offers a good opportunity to review every element of an employment search, from résumés to thank-you notes. Take a good look. Mishandling just one piece of the process could keep you from getting a job. Here is a checklist that covers some of the major links in the job search chain.

Read on about one of the few 'stars' to emerge from the financial crisis and his path to a new job: Neel Kashkari, the former Bush administration bailout chief. In December, he went to work as head of new investment initiatives at Pimco. Pimco said in a statement that Kashkari’s first task would be to recruit new employees and help build a new division to invest in stocks.

The people with knowledge of his employment search said that Kashkari met Pimco Founder William Gross while touring the country with the Treasury secretary in December 2007 to assess the country’s troubled housing market. Neither Pimco nor Kashkari would discuss how he ended up at the company or how he would be compensated. But people familiar with his job search said he wanted to work for a company where he could start a new business — just as he had with the relief fund for the federal government. More from the NY Times on "Neel Kashkari’s Quiet Path to Pimco".

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