Saturday, December 12, 2009

Job Search "Nightmare" for Madoff Employees

Bernie Madoff's former assistant, Eleanor Squillari (pictured) hopes to begin a new career in cosmetology. She knows she'll 'never get a job in finance.'

Madoff sons and other employees are frequently confronted with the notoriety, shame and anger synonymous with a firm that seemed to hum along quietly and profitably until a year ago. Even workers with no suspected connection to the Ponzi scheme say their careers there have come back to haunt them, with no end in sight.

"I'll never get a job in finance, and I'm one of the lucky ones," says Squillari. She went to beauty school this summer and plans to look for work at a hair salon while selling her handmade jewelry.

Mark Madoff recently met with a group of Wall Street contacts to get opinions on whether he could find another job in finance: He talked about working on a trading desk or in trading technology, asking to be kept in mind any openings.
More from WSJ via Google News.

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