Saturday, September 6, 2008

Job Security: Bulge Bracket, Largest Hedgies, Insurance and PE players

Mack Retools Morgan Stanley CEO in an office near research analysts is a sign of the many places the Street is looking to make money with times so tough.

Long-Term Capital shocked and could've been replete with lessons, but these were ignored. NYT Essay for more

Lehman: Blackstone & KKR Looking To Buy Assets If needed you should just keep a list of who isn't buying Lehman Click here for All LEH News All The Time KKR IPO:What Does Henry Kravis Want?

AIG's Greenberg Faces Fine Maurice R. "Hank" could be fined at least $100 million.

Tracing the Misfortunes of Citadel’s Russell Do you have job security? Citadel Investment Group executive, who helped lead the $2.55 billion investment in E*Trade, has given notice at the firm. The 37 % drop in E*Trade shares since November may be a factor: E*Trade play is one of many attempts at what Wall Street calls “catching a falling knife,” or the act of investing in a troubled company in the hopes that its bad luck has stopped. Many foreign and PE firms that have invested in US financials ranging from Citi to WAMU, for example, have been wounded.

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