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Summer 2018 - Hiring notes, new titles, Rule changes

Here's a 2018 Summer wish for you to have continued or brand new success. You may have a great summer: if working, retired or get to enjoy a vacation.
Stuart Rosenthal, w/ son - June 2018 High School Graduation
First of all: THIS unique entry started as a "Draft" at LinkedIn "Publisher." No one needs to read all the way down or click all the links. One link though before my brief career "lookback" will show you how to buy or sell stock, Bitcoin for no fee or commission, obtain a free stock share such as MSFT, APPL or ZYNGA if you live in most U.S. States.
You will see this has a few numbered paragraphs, followed by notes, links to 'social media' profiles that you may click before the short "lookback" on my pre-Recruiting career as a Compliance Officer.
You can also see links to a few recent articles, on Amazon (AMZN) and ETFs, a few names of those I follow or am ''connected" with.
Second intro note: When I read this am reminded that I was once nicknamed "Rambling Man." That moniker was by a friend / former NASD Examiner colleague who replied to me as he referred to the Allman Brothers tune after reading one of my e-mails.
This Summer 2018 "Rosenthal Report" has notes with names of a few of people who I "follow," am "connected" with and who provide excellent updates on news relevant to me.
  1. A note on the 'popularity of ETFs has soared in the past decade.' This investment type is just one that was born during my career that we may all be able to buy, hold or sell. Here I copied a June 2018 Tweet: True they 25 yrs old. I guess that makes them Millennials... Ch-Ch-Changes: The ETF Industry Is Adulting.
  2. You may know that Rules are changing for these as well as other areas in 2018. For ETFs a good person to follow is: Eric Balchunas.
  3. I hope that you have a great, ethical financial advisor, 401K or IRA with excellent Compliance, Legal and perhaps a Chief Fiduciary Officer to support it. This last Title is a fairly new one that I helped a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) candidate meet with during an interview in June 2018.
  4. I know many who approve new rules as a Regulator, Attorney, perform oversight or monitor personal investments as a Compliance Officer, Auditor, Attorney or Examiner. Of course, if you are reading this you may oversee or own investment products that you make your own decisions for or rely on an Adviser. As for the "Fiduciary Rule"? You may know that "Even as the Labor Department's fiduciary rule teeters on the edge of demise, its legacy will continue to profoundly influence how investment how investment advice is delivered." This was in an article by Mark Schoeff Jr. who I follow via Twitter.
Few more notes about 2018 with a short "Lookback" on my work as a Compliance Officer
Many individuals are involved in New Business, Marketing, Product, Rule oversight, post trade surveillance, Litigation too. All are good job titles to have working in Financial services.
FYI: When I was employed as a Compliance Officer, I did personal account review/approvals while working at N.A.S.D, Smith Barney, Jefferies, Soleil Securities in 1988-2007. The S.E.C. will announce more soon about Rules or Insider Trading. Firms will perform Sales, Marketing with Legal, Compliance, Audit pre-, post trade approval based on Client, employment, Regulatory requirements, responsibilities.
This month in the United States among other changes, we learned an announced pick will occur on JULY 9: the plans were to interview 1 or 2 candidates for Supreme Court this weekend at Bedminster, NJ. That's close to my home as is Yankee Stadium where I took the photo in this post just a few years ago.
As many know we are amid the 'World Cup' football (futbol aka soccer) in Russia. There are millions of people watching on screens, some are there in person too. I will be quite happy to discuss soccer as I plan to watch my son play in College this Fall. More photos of us may be seen on Instagram, Twitter not much of us both is on LinkedIn. Photo that is here I may post of us is from his High School Graduation in June 2018. You may read an article that has a photo of my son in the local paper with others who will also play Sports in College: 'MHS continues to send athletes to top colleges' + in 2018 one ⚽️ directly to a Professional Mexican Football Club

We may go to a game in Yankee Stadium, Red Bull Arena, to see an NYFC, MLS, MLB game or another major league again too. If we get a chance to discuss a sport, any schedule or relevant, active opportunities that will be nice.
On the investment side, I hope that you are "fully invested" you may have bought, hold or sold Amazon at a nice profit. Of course there are other excellent individual things that you can buy, hold or sell (now for no commission charge). You may trade as a professional or in your personal accounts (PA). You may ask me for a link or how to buy stock, options or Bitcoin at no commission charge if you do not know yet may view the link provided. If anyone 'opens an account will receive a free share of stock too.' Try it.
Short Career Lookback Back during my Broker-Dealer employment, I worked with MARKET MAKERS through the "Dot Com" boom, made some Friends as I approved their personal trading and Research Reports. I could name or 'shout out' a number of former colleagues thriving, some retired though very few who worked on Trading Desks in 1994-2007 are still there.
Aside from LinkedIn, some of us use Twitter. One former prominent former equity research analyst, Henry Blodget was an Internet analyst later founded Business Insider which is one excellent news source that is very popular in 2018.
ICYMI:  Meet PillPack, the pharmacy startup Amazon acquired sent pharmacy stocks into a frenzy $AMZN  or read. I saw this as my connection, Matt Turner shared this via LinkedIn and Twitter. Matt who also tweeted an article:  Amazon's $1 billion purchase of PillPack wiped out 15 times that from pharmacy stocks — and it shows the outsized effect the juggernaut can have on an industry 
Finally - a Bloomberg article typically has excellent "Market Surveillance." One from June 2018 that has an excerpt here that a Reporter, who I follow, Eric Balchunas wrote Here’s your bi-monthly “ETFs are WMDs” article. This one has all the fixins for too.
Banks must bear much of the blame for previous financial crises. In the next one, ordinary investors could play a more central role.
Ironically, they’ll do so through vehicles created with them in mind — exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. These listed funds are passive by nature, designed to track the performance of an index of stocks, bonds, currencies or commodities rather than to pick and choose among individual companies.
Read the Full ETF article, to learn more. Then feel free to let me know your feedback, suggestions, criticize, comment about your plans, if you may want to schedule a call or suggest attending an event soon:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Are you ready for the future of work? How secure is your career? 
In March 2017, Stuart Rosenthal, of Rosenthal Recruiting attended

Is a robot going to take my job, and what is the future of work in technology? (click to open to Event Brite).

Stuart and others in attendance heard Nate Thompson, VP Strategy and Innovation of Oppenheimer Funds, talk about the future of work. Nate is a catalyst, healthy disruptor and recipient of the 2016 Workforce Magazine Game Changer award. Key Takeways from Nate: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to take away some of our jobs though not all - he showed a favorite photo of his mother, a former Bank Executive with his then 1-year old son - that led to more key points ('Nateisms') to illustrate how we all must continuously improve as we advance our career. Among other examples, Nate showed the Snapchat (SNAP) IPO market capitalization - noting it is the platform that matters not the 'disappearing photos' that creates long-term value. 

If you get a chance may see a LinkedIn post about the event - where you see that it 'was very good.' Connect or you may join the conversation there too.
You can also see a TweetWe all can be ready for the future of work - Nice evening. Great presentation.
Are you ready for the future of work?  We all should and can be as we heard from Nate Thompson in a dynamic talk in the Brookfield Financial Center near the Freedom Tower (World Trade Center) in New York, NY

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Looking forward to 2017- 'Opening Doors, Pulling Some Strings'

Happy New Year, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah 

In this - we note a bit on job search suggestions  - then note a Chief Compliance Officer job opportunity and invite you to join a LinkedIn Group founded in 2007.

This is intended as an informal year-end 2016 summary though really it is a long, 'free form' BLOG entry. 

In social media terms: Throwback, Flashback or Compliance a "Lookback" - all are a fine thing to do as is always looking ahead to 'opening doors, pulling some strings' -  the quote is from 'Golden Years' - Song by David Bowie - click here for YouTube video.

FIRST - photo is here after it was shared via LinkedIn and Twitter In the photo Stuart Rosenthal is shown with Walter Ferstand and Dina Venero at a meeting in December 2016. The photo was taken by Bob Morris. Suggestions: 1. Click the link on each person's name here to view LinkedIn Profile. 2. If you can go, a Holiday Party w/ friends, business contacts, colleagues can be fun and a terrific opportunity to meet new people. For those open to a new opportunity: "Many feed into holiday hiring myths, but, diligent job seekers will have a competitive edge over those who decide to put their job search on hold until after the holidays." Read more via FlexJobs in an article "Holiday Hiring Tips to Hone Job Search" written by Erin Kennedy, Executive Resume Writer at #jobsearch

To summarize: a few of the places on the Rosenthal Recruiting end of 2016 'radar' are New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington, Chicago, Tennessee, UK, Europe and Asia as more hiring expands globally close to or beyond where Rosenthal Recruiting is based in the United States (U.S.).

One opportunity - is with a Company in the FINRA District including Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana is now focused on hiring a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) - person who is now employed by Firm with a similar if not precise business model, Series 24, 53 preferred; current experience must be in fixed income securities underwriting, trading operations. Relocation was planned for this that is just one opportunity that Rosenthal Recruiting worked on in 2016.

​If interested you can discuss current or sought after openings, any questions, other options too.  We can discuss who you may refer or may like to work in a new job, discuss incentives, regulations pending, industry formal scheduled conferences as well as informal events planned for 2017. Stuart Rosenthal - would like to call you soon and hopefully you will travel to meet like minded professionals soon. Otherwise - you should feel free to dial without an appointment during business hours for the person you wish to speak with.
- is a LinkedIn Group name. If a member, there you will see posted articles, blogs and comments. You may be interested that the Group members now number over 8,025 though its rules, name were adjusted recently as were some features of the interface based on the Microsoft (MSFT) 'deal'; ICYMI - you may read more about likely changes - a place to do so is Bloomberg on Dec 13, 2016:  How Microsoft and LinkedIn Can Make This Expensive Deal Work

Please e-mail your resume in MS WORD format to: You will receive a prompt response. Please include a brief "Cover Letter" with resume to note what you are aiming or applying for.

Phone: (973) 826- 0537

Monday, September 19, 2016

RECRUITING: Director of Fixed Income Compliance Location: Confidential SUMMARY: Experienced Broker-Dealer Compliance Officer to support Debt Capital Markets business

The position will report to and may shortly replace the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) for a FINRA Member Investment Bank (Broker-Dealer). The candidate must have a deep understanding of FINRA, S.E.C, MSRB, all rules and regulations relevant to the underwriting, sales, trading of fixed income securities.

Responsibilities include
Participate in the development and maintenance of comprehensive written supervisory procedures by providing guidance to business units
• Work closely with management to provide analysis and resolution of daily compliance matters as well as implementation of new rules
• Assist in conducting on-going surveillance, reviews and testing and maintaining proper documentation of all reviews conducted by the compliance department
• Research and respond to regulatory inquiries on an going basis, as necessary
• Assist with the coordination of examinations with various government and regulatory organizations
• Assist in internal and external examinations, including follow-up actions
• Participate in development and implementation of employee training
• Keep abreast of proposed compliance rules and regulatory requirements, participate in Industry forums, committees. Perform other compliance duties, as necessary

Qualifications and Work Experience Required:

5 or more years’ experience working in fixed income securities compliance, underwriting, trading or operations. Series 7 and 24. Series 53 preferred as is a current senior Compliance Officer title.
• Must have demonstrated Project Management as a FINRA Member Compliance Officer. Ability to work both independently and in a team environment
• Broad knowledge of Broker-Dealer operations, deep understanding of sales and trading of fixed income securities, investment banking rules and regulations relevant to these.
• Competitive compensation package commensurate with experience. 401(k) plan, paid vacation, medical, dental insurance plans, flexible spending accounts.

Please e-mail resume and brief cover letter to:
Website has more information including phone number which is the best way to make contact to learn more about the opportunity, exact location, discuss compensation and your candidacy:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

If you request it or sign up  - that's how to receive future Rosenthal Recruiting messages to your in-box.

We always look forward to speaking about career opportunities, locations or issues that you are interested in - as well as new trends that are expected.

In 2016-17 with Rosenthal Recruiting - a particular area we will address is: why companies use contractors and why candidates choose to work on contract... Stay tuned here or perhaps follow via Twitter.
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Rosenthal Recruiting - Oct. 30 2015

One thing that many Recruiting / Social Media / CAREER Coaches all suggest is joining Groups at LinkedIn that have Members you seek to associate with.

One now with just under 7000 members is a link as one of the first things in this update.
RR Icon  RR Compliance Group on LinkedIn
Created November 2007 - Purpose:  Reach other Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisor Compliance Officers. Referrals from Group members. View profiles, News and Jobs posted by Group members.

Informal Rosenthal Recruiting Summary
1. Dallas, TX Compliance Analyst. Investment Company Act (1940 Act) work experience required to gain an interview.
2. BROOKLYN, NY Total Rewards Compensation, Benefits Director; Relocation w/ job offer.
3. Cleveland, OH Business Analyst (BA) SOFTWARE SAP, VISIO experience strongly preferred.
3. Morris County NJ Health Care, Medical Regulatory. Expert Knowledge of medical devices a must.
4. Chicago, IL Broker-Dealer Branch Examiner
5. New York, NY OP RISK - Equity position. Role recently vacated and at to the Director level.
6. Jersey City, NJ Broker-Dealer Compliance SERIES 24, REQUIRED
Most above job descriptions are on website, all are available via e-mail.
Stuart Rosenthal
The Rosenthal Consulting Group
(973) 826-0537

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rosenthal Recruiting – India, Asia, NY, DC

Would or did you read an email, Tweet or article with this subject "Govt floats ad for new Sebi chief*."
We did.

Rosenthal Recruiting  - receives many emails noting continued interest in career opportunities** – i.e. new positions primarily in the U.S. though also from those seeking a job in some other locations - that we're glad to read. We have set up interviews for clients located in India, and US clients in Singapore, Hong Kong offices.

If you sign up, we can send you occasional email - - if you act soon we will send a newsletter "Report" about a Washington, DC Compliance Officer position ASAP. We have sent it to a small number of people vs.​ entire Rosenthal Recruiting list recently​. Of course if you have not seen it may sign up to receive the Rosenthal Recruiting 'newsletter' to learn about Events as well as Recruiting opportunities.

We all get so much email and this week - we've seen and observed some real news as well as the Dog Day photos yesterday. This past week we saw some Trump, Bank, Stock Index and Bernie Sanders on screen that we liked or just read. It is best to speak and looking forward to doing so again or for the very first time soon.

If you request – we will send the Preview of our next “newsletter” that will be chock full of social media links perhaps.
*Excerpt about SEBI from Mumbai:
The selection process for the new chief of market regulator. The finance ministry has put out an advertisement on its website inviting applications for the post.
The government has also allowed individuals from the private sector to apply for the post. Recently, the government has appointed two officials from the private sector in the public sector banks. The candidates have to apply for the post by October this year.
This was reported via John Lothian via a Tweet link to Full article link. We did have the article 'pinned'.
**Link to Spotify Playlist “Career Opportunities”

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